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Strength Conspiracy #4 Released!

Strength Conspiracy #4

The females-only "Strength Increase Serum" continues to be used in unapproved ways by miscellaneous women, transforming them, giving them fantastic strength and hypermuscular bodies. Meanwhile, the authorities have been notified of an illegal substance being used and begin to investigate!

This issue focuses mostly on the story of the daughters of Dr. Samson, who we met at the end of issue #1. Rose and Tessie are college-aged women who live mostly with their mother when they're not at school. Mom's not answering the phone and the girls can't find her, so they make a quick search of the home and find her phone, and also quite a large quantity of the priceless Strength Increase Serum (S.I.S.) which can make women as strong as men, stronger than men, or much, much stronger than men.. They decide to try it out, with a little help from a friend, a petite science nerd girl named Michelle.

This issue also has:

  • More of fan-favorite Emily in this issue, who it turns out is still not quite done growing. Not even a little bit!
  • The core group of conspirators, now mostly muscly themselves.
  • The team of Federal agents, a man and a woman, who visit the newly-massive Sarah while trying to find out exactly what's going on.

If you haven't kept up with this series, we've made he first three issues available as a package for 1/3 off in the store.

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