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New Release - Strength Dowry #3

Are They Getting Bigger?

The final issue of Strength Dowry has been released!

At the start of the series, Malcolm is the strongest lifter at the local gym, at least according to his lifting coach, Tara, who's no slouch herself. But all of that changes when Malcolm's petite, busty girlfriend, Britney, declares she will only consider marriage if Malcolm is willing to magically transfer his size and strength to her, as proof of his love and fidelity. So, in a poof, Malcolm gets puny and Britney gets big and brawny.

Strength Dowry #3 begins with Malcolm the subject of scorn at work. His boss is unhappy that his big, confident team leader is now a puny, nervous, little guy. Also, Malcolm soon comes to learn that the magical transaction of the Strength Dowry is having effects on other people: the women he spends the most time with are all growing bigger and stronger. His female co-workers, Coach Tara, and of course his already massive fiancee Britney are all swelling up to ever more imposing and muscular proportions, while Malcolm remains tiny.

Increasingly Brawny Co-workers

Malcolm begins to feel that he's made a mistake in giving Britney what she wanted, and pursuing marriage with her. He's stuck, though: if he wants to get his strength back, he must soldier on. Or does he?

This issue contains both rapid and gradual female muscle and height growth ranging from realistic to very unrealistic proportions. There is flexing and display of massive female muscle. There are three female muscle growth sequences.

(The issue also contains some female shrinking, but we try to keep that to a minimum so as not to upset anyone.)

This comic was supposed to be about 40 or 45 pages long but I went a little crazy and it's 69 story pages.

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