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Special Deal Before Release of Strength Conspiracy #4

Your Chance to Catch Up!

We'll be releasing Strength Conspiracy #4 later this week and thought it would be nice to give people a chance to catch up on everybody's favorite sinister conspiracy to make women the stronger sex. We've packaged the first three issues as a single product for one-third off the price of all three issues individually.

These three issues involve a fairly large cast of characters, including two women used as test subjects of high doses of a drug that makes women muscular and strong; a graduate assistant who's initially unaware of the nature of the drug she's helping test; and four other women directly involved in the conspiracy, eager to try out the drug on themselves. There are several male characters, each of whom finds himself struggling to keep up with his newly empowered female partner, roommate, or co-worker, and we meet a couple other women waiting in the wings for issue #4.

Strength Conspiracy has been an unusually popular series with fans, and is planned to run six issues total. Issue four will be released later this week, and then the following two issues will be released later this year. 

For a growth sample, here's fan favorite Emily and her growth from issues one to three, relative to her roommate Jacob.

We're grateful for your support and hope to keep producing comics and stories that meet your needs and expectations.

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