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Bulking for Romance #2 Released

In the first issue, we see scrawny Mary Helen pining away for Doug, who's got a muscle fetish and barely knows she's alive, just as their university is going remote for the COVID lockdown in 2020. And then we see them returning to campus in September 2021, but now Mary Helen is a muscular amazon – far more muscular than any other woman at school – and Doug can't take his eyes off her!

Issue two picks up after Doug asks the newly-muscular Mary Helen to go out with him. She shows up at the wine bar wearing a dress that shows off her spectacularly muscled physique, and then proceeds to tell the story about how she grew so gigantically muscular and strong in just 18 months. We see several female muscle growth transformations. As she finishes her story, Mary Helen aggressively courts Doug, and demonstrates for him the power of her female muscle growth secret, growing larger and more muscular than she's ever before dared!

Note: Originally, Bulking for Romance was intended to be three issues, but instead I've delivered a massive, 65 page story, with three growth sequences, that completes the whole story arc.

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