Strength Dowry #2

Growth Comics
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Strength Dowry #2 is the second of a three-issue series that will be released during 2021.

Series Summary

After years of training with weights, Malcolm has become the strongest lifter at the local gym, according to his lifting coach, Tara, who's no slouch herself. But all of that may be about to change because Malcolm's petite girlfriend, Britney, will only consider marriage if Malcolm is willing to magically transfer his size and strength to her, as proof of his love and fidelity.

Issue Summary

Issue #2 begins with Malcolm showing up at the gym with his new fiancee. Formerly the biggest and strongest man who worked out there, Malcolm's reduction in height and mass shocks his trainer, Tara, as does the astounding muscularity of the newly-built Britney.

Malcolm explains what's happened, and we see his reduction and Britney's extraordinary growth in a long, twenty page sequence. 

After the flashback, the story returns the gym. Britney tests out her phenomenal new strength while Malcolm struggles to handle even the lightest weights. Tara watches the bizarre tableau of an almost superhumanly strong woman delighting in the pathetic weakness she's inflicted on her fiance, and wonders at the strange and toxic dynamic playing out before her eyes.

This issue contains rapid female muscle and height growth to fairly unrealistic proportions; flexing; and displays of strength. It also contains male shrinking, both height and muscle loss.

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